IES has 15 years of mechanical engineering experience. Our experience covers the breadth of the oldest and broadest of the engineering disciplines. From mechanical design to aerodynamics, from analysis to testing, from new products to reverse engineering, from data analysis to reporting and compliance; we’ve done it.

Let us help you analyze your problems and develop an engineered solution.

  • Mechanical Modeling, Analysis, and Testing
    • aircraft aerodynamic load prediction
    • piping network design and evaluation
    • aircraft gear leg load prediction and testing
  • Scientific Programming for Non-commercial or Specialized Applications
    • proprietary design systems
    • flight and structural testing data acquisition programming
    • FORTRAN, C, Python, Java, Assembly; others as needed
  • Engineering Investigation
    • mechanical failure investigation and analysis
    • root cause failure analysis of component or system
    • product failure testing
    • licensed engineer depositions and testimony