Experts in Engineering Modeling and Applied Scientific Coding

“Thanks to both of you for all of your effort and hard work on this project. I really appreciate it. I believe that the code you developed has far exceeded our goals and my imagination.” — Dave S., Rolls-Royce

That, in a nutshell, is IES. We specialize in developing custom calculation methods from applying computer science principles in the domain mechanical engineering.

Our experience covers the breadth of the oldest and broadest of the engineering disciplines. From mechanical design to aerodynamics, from analysis to testing, from new products to reverse engineering, from data analysis to reporting and compliance; we’ve done it all. We offer a wealth of experience working with micro-businesses, large corporations, startups, and mid-level seasoned companies. We work both in the United States and abroad, with government and private sectors. And this gives us an understanding of the required export compliance issues.

Recent Projects

Case Study: Cloud Computing

Developing aero design system from several legacy tools and adapting them to utilize cloud computing.

Case Study: Modeling

Using new empirical data to develop a new design modeling program.

Case Study: Extraction

Extracting vital capability from legacy design code for new modeling development.

Additional Projects

Recently completed:

  • Developed 3D lifting-line analysis code for calculating loads on tandem wing aircraft
  • Crafted a complete ducted-fan design system from airfoil generation and 2D flow predictions through CFD and automated post-processing
  • Developed a solution for multiple custom 3D CFD codes to utilize Amazon’s AWS GovCloud for HPC computing
  • Consulted with the client to develop geometry protocol to round-trip between aerodynamic design parameters and FEA analysis utilizing a mix of Siemens NX, ANSYS Structures, and custom codes
  • Developed 1D centrifugal compressor design and predict-performance analysis code
  • Consulted with the client to find bottlenecks in fluid-thermodynamic code and helped focus effort on optimizing XML DOM reading routines for substantial speed improvements (C/C++ code base)
  • Added Open-MPI to custom CFD code for use on modern HPC platforms
  • Delivered training to client’s developer staff in order to fully utilize source code repositories (e.g. GIT) and modern Fortran programming practices
  • Consulted with the client to develop mixed Fortran-C library for aerodynamic loss predictions in compressor and fan design
  • Developed fluid-thermal abstraction library to incorporate NIST’s REFPROP database into the client’s code in addition to their internal database
  • Your project is next!



We specialize in creating new physical models with our clients …

You may not have an existing system model. Perhaps the one that you have is not suited for your needs. Regardless, you need a numerical model of some phenomenon, process, or system to move you and your business forward. How does IES create new engineering models in partnership with our clients?

We start by focusing on the client’s requirements, not on the solution. We frequently use method and algorithm prototyping in developing these requirements. Although we prefer prototyping and developing in Lisp using our in-house development environment, we are familiar with Python and setting up larger testing frameworks in other languages like Fortran or C, both on Linux and Windows systems. These prototypes become the springboard for the solution as we finalize the requirements together.

We specialize in closed form modeling solutions and creating fluid, thermodynamic, or mechanical numerical models of systems. We develop the necessary methods, data protocols, and formats. Then, we fit these within our client’s existing toolchain, whether that is custom programming solutions or commercial off the shelf systems.

Process Illustration

… and working with legacy source code.

Do you have a wealth of Fortran or C programs with unmaintained code? Would you like to improve your program? Do you struggle to understand the code you have?

Here at IES, we can help you understand the wealth of knowledge buried in your legacy codes. We do the work that you don’t have the time or the resources in-office to do. Whether that takes the form of translating and editing, revamping and maintaining, extracting and optimizing, or some combination of all the above, we are there to help you reach your goals in a timely, efficient, and practical way.

Complicated code and dated models hold you back. At best, they make sure that you stay in the same place for years to come. When you work with us, we focus on moving you, your existing models and code forward to reach your goals. Contact us today!

How We Work with You


Defining Your Situation:

  • Collect client requirements
  • Review any client legacy codes, if applicable
  • Develop requirements document
  • Develop scope and statement of work


Creating the Conceptual Design:

  • Generate concepts and aid client in evaluation
  • Develop program specification
  • Compare concepts and specification against requirements document
  • Design physical models and algorithms
  • Harvest any client legacy models and data


Implementing and Executing Solutions:

  • Code models in target language and platform
  • Test code and compare to requirements and specifications
  • Document models, including client legacy models, as well as newly generated code
  • Integrate best software maintenance practices


Let us help you develop the new analytical and numerical models you need or to maintain your legacy codes and reap the benefits of years of work!

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    In 2014, we seized an opportunity to start an engineering business that valued relationships over the bottom line. At IES, we value our client-company relationship and the ability to understand your needs.

    Proudly based in Indianapolis, Indiana, we have a wide array of experience that reaches all across the globe. Large corporations, startups, micro, and established businesses have employed IES for their unique needs, both in the United States and abroad, in the private sector and for the government

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    We look forward to bring those values and experience to you and your needs.