Indy Engineering Solutions, Inc. is an engineering services company dedicated to providing results-oriented solutions to customers in all areas of mechanical engineering. Our work is tailored to each customer, so that the level of quality, cost, and timeliness always fits the job at hand.

Principle Investigator: Severin Kempf

Severin Kempf (photo) Severin has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer. He started out at a small technology company researching flow-control technologies for gas turbine engines. He worked as an aerodynamicst at a large gas turbine engine company and then went on to co-found a consultancy to aid light-aircraft manufacturers to comply with relevant government regulations and industry standards. After a sabbatical to pursue his professional license, he started Indy Engineering Solutions to serve clients as a professional mechanical engineering consultant.

“In the last 15 years I have been privileged to work in a variety of types of businesses — from a small business, to the corporate world, and within a partnership. All of these business models operate in different ways and the relationships within each can help define the success or failure of the project. IES is familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of each business model and draws from these the added benefits to make your project a success.” — Severin

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