IES Team

Severin Kempf

Primary Investigator

Severin Kempf has a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering and has spent nearly the last 20 years in methods development in the mechanical engineering domain, specifically with fluid-thermodynamic models. He offers extensive experience with a variety of computer programming and scripting languages, including Fortran, C, Lisp, Python, Perl, Bash, and others, both in the Linux and Windows environments. Primarily in the aerospace industry, he has developed algorithms to solve a variety of complex problems and is always eager to continue learning about and expanding into new domains.

Primary Investigator, Repair Genius, and Homesteader

I grew up taking things apart — anything I could get my hands on was fair game. During this time of deconstructing all sorts of things, I became an expert at understanding how things work. At times, this caused some trouble as a kid. However, I quickly learned how to put everything back together and repair various items along the way.

I use this same drive to understand how things work in scientific coding and developing algorithms by breaking codes apart to understand what they are doing and why. As a hobby, I still work on and fix just about anything that needs it around me.

On a personal note, I run a homestead with my family. We make syrup in the spring, raise poultry and sheep in the summer, and raise a lot of our fruits and vegetables.

And I have been known, on rare occasion with close friends, to pull a prank or two.